RTB: Where We Raise the Bar for your Mind & Money
RTB: Where We Raise the Bar for your Mind & Money
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About Us

About Raise the Bar Investments:

Raise the Bar Investments exists to provide young people of color with the relevant, timely, and holistic skills needed to build generational wealth and collectively decrease the racial wealth gap. In order to do this, Raise the Bar operates with values of excellence, integrity, and relationships at the forefront.

We are based in the following values:

Relationships: We care for the well-being of our clients and are generous in sharing the resources we have been blessed with.

Action: Belief in a goal is nothing without consistent action to get there. Daily, we act to get 1% better through personal development, growing in trading skills, and holding ourselves and our team & family accountable.

Integrity: Doing what you say you will do when you say you will do it. We hold ourselves to helping you fulfill your financial goals.

Scary goals: We aim to assist 1,000 people of color in becoming debt free and decreasing the international racial wealth gap

Excellence: “Good better best. Never let it rest, until your good is better, and your better is best.” St. Jerome

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About our Founder:

Honored as one of the top“20 Under 2” teachers across the state of Oklahoma for excelling on the front lines of education, Ray’Chel finds educating people of color about holistic financial wellness, as a central part of her mission. Originally from Ohio, Ray’Chel moved to Black Wall Street, Tulsa, in order to teach high school biology to over 500 students and counting, while also blazing her own path to wealth as a first-generation entrepreneur. After achieving huge financial milestones, like leveraging cryptocurrency profits to pay off her undergraduate student loans, Ray’Chel added formal credentials to her experiences and birthed Raise the Bar Investments. 

Founder walking in Tulsa business district

Ray’Chel, founder, is an award winning educator, with accolades from the Teaching and Leading Initiative of Oklahoma as well as Teach for America.  Ray'Chel holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health from The Ohio State University, is a CFEI certification through the National Financial Educators Council, as well as a Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University. She is the published author of Black Wealth Freedom, a 3-part workbook series that is the foundation to next generation wealth building. The individual titles are “Holistic Money Mindset: Mental Preparation for Abundance”, “Personal Finance Crash Course: What they Didn’t Teach you in School” and “The Money Moves Workbook: Achieving Your Wealth Goals in 12 Months or Less”. She has been featured on the Pursue Excellence Digital Show as an entrepreneur spotlight, as well as the Frederiq Effect Podcast for National Black Business Month. Due to the holistic “money moves” and wealth building habits Ray’Chel teaches and incorporates in her own life, Ray’Chel enjoys taking road trips in her hybrid, sharing conscious meals with friends, and thanking God for better days.